Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center

Wine On!


Apr 2018

by Brian Harp
General Manager
Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center

So much gets written about wine that at times it can be overwhelming. Everyone is an expert, yet no one is an expert. Choosing to offer wine with dinner at a social or corporate function is a great alternative to having a bar available, and can help control your bottom line.

The challenge comes with choosing which wines to offer with dinner.  We all know the old additive, red with meat and white with fish.  In a lot of ways, that is still true, but in today’s offerings, a world of varietals is at our fingertips.

The first step in deciding on your wine selection is to take your personal favorites, or your personal palate out of the equation.  Everyone’s taste is different. Secondly, check with your venue to see what wines they currently offer and if they are amenable to working with you on finding different wines in your price point from their wine vendor.

Everyone knows “Chardonnay for white and Cabernet Sauvignon for red”, these are pretty standard fare – and nothing wrong with it. To take your offering in another direction, consider a Pinot Grigio / Pinot Gris for your white and a Pinot Noir for your red. Both of these alternatives are approachable fruit forward wines that will cross pair with red meats, chicken and fish and enhance your dining experience.