Things the Groom Must Remember on His Wedding Day

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Things the Groom Must Remember


Feb 2018

Things the Groom Must Remember

It’s true, on your wedding day all eyes and attention are focused on your bride to be. As the groom your job is not to simply get up, dress yourself and show up on time at the wedding venue. Your number one responsibility is not to do anything to ruin her day. Then you can go on living happily ever after. With that in mind, there are simple things you must remember to do on your wedding day.

Set Your Alarm

As silly as it may seem you do not want to over sleep on the biggest day of your life. Set your alarm before going to bed. Getting up late and feeling rushed will only add to the wedding day nerves you will already be dealing with.

If need be take it a step further and ask your mother to call you the morning of to ensure you are awake. She will be more than happy to do this for her baby boy who is about to embark on starting a family of his own.

Eat Breakfast

Even if you are not a regular breakfast eater, on your wedding day it’s a must. Your body will need fuel to carry you through this exhausting day. Beside, you don’t want your stomach rumbling during your wedding vows.

There will be an abundance of food at your reception. As the groom you may not have a chance to enjoy it. You’ll be dancing, taking pictures and talking with your guest. Start your morning off with a healthy breakfast to help you get through the day.

Look Your Best

It may go without saying but take the time to make sure you look your best. Get a haircut and a professional shave. Presentation is everything after all.

Remember to press your shirt and learn to tie that bowtie. Don’t settle for a clip-on tie on your wedding day.


You’ll be consuming enough adult beverages during the reception. Spend the rest of the day drinking water. Keep a bottle of water with you as you go through the day. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

The Rings

Make sure you bring the rings to the ceremony yourself. You can pass them off to your trusted best man once you are at the venue, dressed and ready enter. You forgetting her ring is not the way you want her to remember your wedding.

Stick to the Script

You and your bride have planned this weeding for months or longer. Don’t let yourself get distracted and keep things from running smoothly. It’s easy to get lured outside for a celebratory cigar with the boys only to return and find your bride upset because the cake cutting is now 30 minutes late.

Thank Her Father

At the reception be sure to grab a moment alone with your new father-in-law. Thank him for the honor of taking his daughter’s hand in marriage. Ensure him that you will do everything possible to protect her and make her happy. In his eyes she will always be Daddy’s little girl. He will respect you for taking the time to speak with him privately just as he does for asking his permission to propose.