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Meetings Outside the Office


Dec 2017

Your office may have a very nice state of the art conference room. The entire staff is well aware just how nice it is because they hold meetings weekly if not daily. After a time all meetings become routine. Creativity and production stall as every meeting seems to be a rerun of the last one.

Rejuvenate your staff by holding your next meeting off-site. Taking the team to a new meeting location will refresh their attitude, get their creative juices flowing and help build team spirit.

When holding a meeting at the office you are leaving yourselves open to the distractions of every day work life. Someone knocks and enters with a quick question, a package must be signed for and there is a call for someone that can’t be missed. Any one of these or countless other distractions only serve to side track your meeting and get you off track. The way to eliminate the daily office life distractions is to move your meeting off-site.

Removing your team from those distractions and changing locations will help inspire a new way of approaching an issue or objective. New surroundings and environment will give you and your team a fresh perspective while increasing productivity.

Off-site meetings give your team an automatic feeling that this isn’t “just another meeting”. Your team will feel the energy and buzz created. They will step up their game, bring fresh ideas, pay closer attention and usually even dress sharper.

Whether you are organizing a multiple day conference, corporate meetings, monthly training seminars, a corporate retreat or a product launch presentation, Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center is an ideal location for all your corporate needs. With over 14,000 square feet of flexible meeting space, we are a premier destination space.

Bridgewater offers flexible room style set-ups, full service Audio Visuals and dedicated event managers. Throughout the planning process, the professional sales team is available for personalized planning assistance.  From small organizations to large national corporations, either in person or connecting with clients via videoconferencing, Bridgewater Banquet & Conference Center can help you plan An Event to Remember.