4 Reasons To Plan Your Holiday Party Early with Bridgewater

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4 Reasons To Plan Your Holiday Party Early


Aug 2018

4 Reasons To Plan Your Holiday Party Early

It’s not too early to begin thinking about the company holiday party, Christmas get together, or year-end celebration. Believe it or not, it’s actually peak season for the otherwise out-of-season topic. Not convinced? Here are four reasons it’s not too early to get into the holiday spirit.

Holiday Party

1. Avoid the holiday rush
In an extremely limited period of just a few short weeks, most event planners seem to have the same thoughts at once, booking venues, caterers, and entertainment with gusto. Miss the window, and you’ll receive last dibs on available event spaces, menus, and talent.

2. Get a Cheerful Discount
Booking with Bridgewater months in advance comes with a wonderful reward during holiday season, a discount. Book your event before September 30th and save 10%. Contact us today to find out how much you can save by booking early.

3. Create Time to Get Creative
A great holiday party require too things: creativity and time. Fantastic decor takes work; unique entertainment, thought. Even the most creative people in the world can’t pull off all of their brilliant, out-of-the-box ideas without some notice. Beginning your planning several months out allows for creative brainstorming and execution.

4. Guest Schedules 
During the holiday season, calendars fill up quickly. Company parties compete with family get-togethers, shopping trips, holiday concerts, local events, and a sleigh-full of other festivities for calendar space. Plan your gathering early enough, and guests will black out the date from their other priorities.

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